Spinning is now for the Upper-Body

Spin Strong is the powerful new way to train based on air drag
The nine key exercises

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It’s so easy to jump rope and mix in other exercises.


My patients with Parkinson’s love using Spin Strong trainers in their physical therapy.


My arms and shoulders look and feel stronger.

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Three-users-showing-the-multiple-ways -to-exercise-including-jumping-rope-srength-training-and-full-body-training
Spin Strong Air Resistance Trainers
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Spin Strong trainers are an industry first, based on air resistance from spinning like a jump rope, but utilizing two short fin-cords instead of a confining rope.

With total freedom of movement they are highly versatile and three products in one.

First, they provide a super simple way to jump rope. You make no mistakes, but they feel just like jumping rope.

Second, they are strength trainers, featuring all kinds of high intensity arm-spinning exercises. They provide unique and valuable strength training for the upper body. You will like the results you see in the mirror and in your performance.

Third, they are versatile full body trainers allowing the addition of any leg exercises and delivering intense cardio training.

Invented by a Parkinson’s patient, Spin Strong trainers have a wide variety of intensities to meet the needs of all users, including people with movement challenges.

Spin Strong includes a pair of handheld spin trainers, each having a jump rope handle, a short coated cable and a set of five symmetrical triple fin air resisters.

An instruction guide is included with exercise diagrams. Additional instructions and workout videos are available online at spinstrong.com/train. Spin Strong trainers cost $39.99, including free shipping in the United States. A sixth pair of air resisters, purchased separately, can be added to significantly increase the resistance.