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  • Spin Strong: spin arms, add legs

Spin Strong: spin arms, add legs

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Is your fitness training lacking something?

Are you getting enough strength, cardio, upper body and leg exercise? Now you can get it all with Spin Strong, the first compact air resistance trainer. 

A new spin on fitness training

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Freedom of movement allows many new exercises

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Customer Reviews

Now I can jump rope and do a variety of other fun cardio workouts.


  Spin Strong has strengthened and toned my upper body in impressive ways.


My Parkinson’s patients love using Spin Strong in their physical therapy.


Spin Strong is great for at home workouts

Not interested in going to the health club? Get Spin Strong for use at home. It needs little space and provides quiet operation. Lightweight, it’s perfect for travel as well.


Spin Strong is made for a wide variety of users

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Air resistance training is high intensity and highly effective

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Take your training to a new level with Spin Strong

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