Spin Strong fitness trainers

Versatile, intense and the first based on air drag or air resistance.
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It’s so easy to jump rope and mix in other exercises.


My patients with Parkinson’s love using Spin Strong trainers in their physical therapy.


My arms and shoulders look and feel stronger.

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SPIN STRONG Air Resistance Trainers
Regular price $39.99

Spin Strong provides a pair of hand held fitness trainers that create air drag, or air resistance, when spun in a variety of ways. To jump rope, simply spin them and start jumping. You enjoy the same great exercise with no tripping or mistakes.

They are also strength trainers and full body exercisers. With their freedom of movement, Spin Strong trainers provide a whole set of upper body resistance exercises, which can be combined with most leg exercises. They improve strength, coordination and endurance.

Spin Strong trainers were developed by a patient with Parkinson’s Disease to meet the needs of all users including people with movement challenges.

Spin Strong trainers cost $39.99, including free shipping in the United States. They come with an instruction guide, including diagrams. Workout videos are available online at spinstrong.com/train. A sixth pair of air resisters can be added for higher resistance.