Spinning is now for the Upper-Body

Spin Strong is the powerful new way to train based on rotational air resistance
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It feels like jumping rope.


My patients love using Spin Strong in their physical therapy.


Spin Strong really works my shoulders, wow!

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Spin Strong Air Resistance Trainers
Spin Strong Air Resistance Trainers
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Spin Strong trainers are the first and only ropeless jump ropes that provide intense resistance and true jump rope exercise, because they are based on air resistance, just like a jump rope.

They provide a new and simple way to jump rope with all the benefits but none of the mistakes, as well as a wide variety of intensities and jump movements to meet the needs of all fitness levels.

Spin Strong replaces the rope with a pair of compact fin-cords lined with fin shaped air resisters. These resisters are made of TPU plastic. They maintain their shape during use, yet are soft and flexible. They don’t hurt if they hit you.

With total freedom of movement, Spin Strong trainers are highly versatile. They allow a wide variety of arm exercises and can be combined with many leg exercises for full body training.

The innovative movement, using continuous circular resistance and cocontraction muscle action, is extremely efficient and uniquely beneficial. Different workout videos are available in the TRAIN Menu.

An instruction guide comes with Spin Strong including diagrams. Spin Strong trainers cost $39.99 with free shipping in the United States. A sixth pair of air resisters, purchased separately, can be added to increase the resistance.