Spin Strong is the first air resistance jump rope/spin trainer, and it’s intense!

Spin Strong is the first air resistance jump rope/spin trainer, and it’s intense!

Spin Strong trainers are the new and highly effective air resistance based fitness trainers (on the web at SpinStrong.com and on Instagram @spin.strong). They are the first portable trainers that are based on rotational air resistance like a jump rope. Instead of a restrictive jump rope, they have a pair of air-catching fin cords and total freedom of movement. So, they are not limited to the few arm movements of a jump rope. Rather, a wide variety of rotational air resistance exercises are possible, such as out to the front, overhead like a “Y” and many others. These fast, continuous movements pull through the resistance along circular paths using extended arms, and they provide a much higher level of resistance by fully engaging the arms and upper body. As a result, Spin Strong trainers create a valueable new strength and conditioning modality that improves upper body strength, speed, coordination and functional performance in ways not possible before.

I know from personal experience. My name is Phillip Davies and I am the inventor. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over ten years ago. I originally designed Spin Strong to help people like myself. After using them for a few months, I went from being able to do hedge trimming for only 30 minutes to over 3 hours at a time, and I increased my endurance for boxing a heavy bag at least 200%. Also, my functional performance has significantly improved. And I have always lifted weights, knowing the importance of physical fitness for managing my Parkinson’s Disease.

As it turns out, Spin Strong has a wide range of resistance levels and many capabilities. They can be used by anyone and not only for an upper body workout. They can be combined with a wide variety of leg exercises for high intensity full body training. And they are the new way to “jump rope”, where you never make a mistake and are like an instant expert. They require only a small amount of space and are inexpensive. So, they are great for at home workouts. They could be used with an app like zoom, allowing groups to create unique workouts and train together. Spin Strong trainers offer many new strength and conditioning opportunities. As a matter of fact, one of the top executives in Product Design at Technogym who met with me said, “I want you to know these are very innovative”.

So quit sitting and get spinning the air around you.  Spin Strong will develop new kinds of strength and conditioning with improvements that you and others will notice.


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