Spin Strong Provides Powerful Training for the Overhead Athlete

Spin Strong Provides Powerful Training for the Overhead Athlete

Spin Strong compact arm-spinning trainers are the first to use air resistance, which is created from a pair of handle attached fin-cords. These innovative trainers deliver a new kind of strength for improved and faster arm movement. Spin Strong provides a large variety of overhead, as well as shoulder height versions of these exercises that directly improve an overhead athlete’s performance.

Since the fin-cords are flexible, the only way to spin them is by “pulling” them through the air. This circular “pulling” arm exercise is always being opposed directly by air resistance, even around circles. This training strengthens upper body movements in all directions.

There is nothing else that provides uplifted or outstretched arms this kind of overhead resistance training. While the movements are circular, they are effective training for both circular and non circular arm movements. This is because arm circles, called circumduction, are the equivalent of four sequential non circular exercises that form a square. So, using Spin Strong is like doing thousands of interrelated mini resistance exercises, including circular, partially circular and noncircular, in every position and direction.

Spin Strong arm spinning is very complex movement. It highly engages shoulder muscles as well as the shoulder joint, which is the most complex circular joint in the human body. Then the upper arms, especially the triceps and the elbows, and finally, the forearms, wrists and hands, including almost all muscles of the arm.

Spin Strong is very efficient and only requires about 10-12 minutes, 3-4 times a week to make an overhead athlete stronger, faster, more coordinated, and most important, higher performing. So if you want to elevate your overhead game, get Spin Strong, the only effective arm spinning trainer available.


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