The fastest resistance training available for the upper body

The fastest resistance training available for the upper body
The new compact Spin Strong Trainers are real jump rope trainers and the world’s fastest resistance trainers for the upper body. Compact and lightweight, they are the first to duplicate the air resistance based arm-spinning exercise of jumping rope, but without the limitations of the rope. Instead, Spin Strong uses innovative and patented handle-attached fin cords.

Simply spin them and start jumping. You are an instant jump rope expert, don’t make mistakes, and get basically the same exercise, including great cardio and strength training. What’s equally exciting is that your arms are not limited to one spinning movement, but can be spun in any position for a whole program of upper body exercises. They provide high intensity, high speed resistance, the level of which is only limited by how fast you spin them.

Spin Strong Trainers use big, full movements and a whip-like spinning motion for highly engaging exercise of the upper body, shoulders, arms and hands. Spinning your arms fast at over a hundred times a minute, Spin Strong Trainers are not just strength trainers, but also speed trainers. Training for both improves power. Spin Strong provides resistance throughout the full 360 degrees of circular arm movements, uniquely improving upper-body strength for many sports related moves in a way nothing else can. Spin Strong exercise can be done while standing, for focusing on upper body training, or mixed into a jump rope workout.

The arm exercises of Spin Strong can be combined with most leg exercises, such as lunges or squats, for an endless number of full body strength and cardio exercises. These exercises can be combined with jump rope exercise as well.

Spin Strong is ideal for cross training and interval training, including a low-load change of pace for weight training, as well as cardio training like treadmills or elliptical trainers, where they can be used with only one hand for use while using the cardio equipment.

With many valuable cardio, strength training and speed training options, Spin Strong is a vital new addition to your strength and conditioning program. With a cost just slightly more than a jump rope, Spin Strong will help you outperform the competition.

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