Configuring the number of air resisters

Removing or Adding a Resister

The directions are identical for either action, except for the middle step of adding versus removing a resister. Do one trainer at a time in order to compare and set the proper cord distance of the resisters to the handle.

Five resisters per side typically provides the best resistance for jump rope exercise.

Steps to Remove Air Resister:


1. Remove the cable end tab; unscrew and remove the ring-screw and remove the spin cable from the handle post.
Hint: The easiest way to push out the cable is to grasp two sections on one side of the handle post and push them through the post together.


2. Remove the sixth air resister (or add a sixth).


3. Reattach the spin cable through the two holes of the handle post (top hole first). The length of cable should be five inches between the handle post and the first air resister. And this length should be the same on both sides of the trainer.



4. Attach and tighten the ring-screw up against the post. The screw only needs to be hand tightened, but as tight as you can make it. Finally, attach the plastic end tab.


Repeat the above steps to reconfigure the other side of the trainer.