1. AIR RESISTANCE opposes forward/rotary arm motion.

2. ARM LEVERAGE from extending arms out and/or up intensifies the spin resistance.

WEIGHT RESISTANCE plays a smaller role and creates outward force that adds to the total resistance. 

How Spin Strong Air Resistance Rotary Trainers Work | Spin Strong

While Spin Strong includes both air and weight resistance, it’s the unique emphasis on air resistance that makes Spin Strong so effective.

Air resistance intensely resists your forward/circular movement. You must constantly pull through it, while also continuously changing direction. As you increase speed, resistance increases exponentially. For each doubling of air speed, air resistance quadruples.

Air resistance is a function of speed and the size of the object (amount of air displacement). Spin Strong uses air resisters with a symmetrical triple-fin arrangement. They are light, but are relatively large. They are highly effective creating rotary air resistance. This approach is so innovative Spin Strong is patented.

Arms are like levers when doing rotary training. Extending arms out and/or up intensify and increase the Initial resistance. The weight resistance further increases the resistance to some degree.

The result is a highly effective form of resistance for strength training.

Additional ways to increase resistance include using more arm circle action versus wrist action. Also, configuring Spin Strong with six air resisters (additional resisters can be purchased separately) versus five significantly increases resistance.

Spin Strong provides realistic jump rope exercise using a different formula for air resistance than a jump rope. A jump rope moves through the air faster, because it is traveling around a much bigger circle each revolution. But Spin Strong trainers provide bigger objects (and more surface area) moving through the air. Spin Strong trainers have been designed to provide the same amount of air resistance for jump rope exercise.

How Spin Strong Air Resistance Rotary Trainers Work | Spin Strong


Protective eyewear is recommended.