How Spin Strong works

Spin Strong includes three main forces of resistance

1. Air resistance: opposing forward motion of the rotating air resisters

2. Weight resistance: opposing outward force of the rotating mass

3. Leverage force: Outstretched arms and/or lifted arms act as levers and magnify the air and weight resistance

While Spin Strong includes both air and weight resistance, it’s the unique emphasis on air resistance that makes them so effective.

Other rotational trainers emphasize weight resistance. Here, you basically hold your hand in the same position resisting the rotating outward directed force. Once a rotating weight is spinning at a fast speed, it acquires it’s own momentum and requires little effort to maintain it.

Rotary air resistance is totally different, always resisting your forward movement. You must constantly pull through it, while also continuously changing direction.

As you increase speed, resistance is increased exponentially. For each doubling of air speed, air resistance is quadrupled. The result is a highly effective form of resistance training.

Additional ways to increase resistance include using more arm circle action versus wrist action and extending arms further away from the body. Also, configuring Spin Strong with six air resisters versus five significantly increases resistance.

Protective eyewear is recommended.