Introducing Spin Strong, the revolutionary handheld spin trainers that use air resistance for explosive strength and cardio exercise. While there are lots of new strength training products each year, there are few that provide something original or uniquely valuable. Spin Strong is the rare exception.

The specific details of how Spin Strong creates intense air resistance, the complex body mechanics involved and why this type of strength training is so valuable will be covered here, along with instructions for the nine key Spin Strong upper body exercises and their many variations. 

The Spin Strong Trainers

Spin Strong starts with the popular resistance training provided by a jump rope, which is air resistance created by circular arm movement. Jumping rope is excellent for cardio, and it is really good for upper body strength conditioning, even with just one basic arm spinning resistance exercise.


Imagine if instead of one exercise, you could do many more of these arm exercises?  It would be awesome and extensive training. Well, now you can. Spin Strong replaces the confining rope with a pair of spinning fin cords that provide freedom of movement and nine key exercises, as well as unlimited variations. Spin Strong also allows fuller arm movements for higher intensity, and  it can be combined with leg exercises for cardio and full body training. Spin Strong integrates with lunges, squats, aerobics, jumps, kicks, leg lifts and more.



The Nine Key Spin Strong Resistance Exercises



Spin Strong’s Innovative Design

Spin Strong consists of a pair of handle attached fin-cords. Each of which includes an eighteen inch spin cable and five (or six) multi-fin modules that together create the air resistance when spun in use. Each fin module is made of flexible TPU plastic, has a hollow hub, and includes three attached fins that are symmetrically spaced around and extended outward. The fin modules are free to rotate around the spin cable, but don’t. As the cables and attached fin modules are spun in hand, the air force is balanced on each side of the cable for each fin module, holding it stable as it moves through the air, generating continuous air resistance.



Air Resistance and Circular Arm Movement

Air resistance opposes an object’s forward motion. In the case of circular movement, it’s constantly changing direction, but it’s the same principal. Air resistance provides continuous and directly opposing force to an arm’s “forward” movement along the path of the circle, or around the circle. 

Unlike traditional upper body strength training, air resistance combined with circular arm movement strengthens for movement in every direction, especially when using all the exercises of Spin Strong. It produces extremely fast resistance training, which improves quickness and coordination, and it is continuous, which improves upper body endurance.


Air resistance is a function of speed and the size of the object (which determines the amount of air displacement). Spin Strong uses light and relatively small fin modules, but they are capable of being spun fast. So, they are highly effective at creating high intensity air resistance. This approach is so innovative, Spin Strong is patented.

Air resistance increases exponentially. For each doubling of speed, air resistance quadruples. It is not unusual to do 200+ circular arm movements per minute. As we will see later, circular arm movement is complex and each circle is equal to over eight sequential arm movements. So, this is a high number of arm movements in a short period of time, making Spin Strong very efficient.  Doing thousands of small resistance movements add up to significant and interrelated strength training. This is a new and beneficial type of strength training.

Spin Strong is not isometric exercise. There is significant movement occurring, even if it looks like small arm circles. Weight based circular arm resistance is much closer to isometric exercise, because spinning a weighted object creates an outwardly directed force, and you can basically hold your hand in one place to do complete those circles. Weight based circular training provides little resistance until you use a heavy weight which would be dangerous to spin.  Also, weights like dumb bells do not provide direct opposition to forward movement because they are always exerting a downward gravitational force.


The Forces Involved in Using Spin Strong

While air resistance is the primary force of Spin Strong training, other types are involved. Spin Strong trainers weigh only11 ounces, but this small amount of weight works with the air resistance to make it dynamic and provide fast training.

The other type of force is from using extended arms or “arm leverage”, with the shoulder joint acting as the fulcrum. Extending arms out and/or up intensifies and increases the leveraged resistance.

Additional ways to increase resistance include using more arm circle action versus wrist action. Also, configuring Spin Strong with an additional sixth set of air resisters (which can be purchased separately) significantly increases resistance.


The Spin Strong Approach to Jumping Rope

Spin Strong provides realistic jump rope exercise using a different formula for air resistance than a jump rope. A jump rope moves through the air faster, because it is traveling around a much bigger circle each revolution. But Spin Strong trainers provide bigger objects (and more air displacement). Spin Strong trainers have been sized to provide the normal amount of air resistance when used for jump rope exercise.  



Complex Arm and Upper Body Movement


Spin Strong training uses flexible fin-cords. So the only way to  . This whip-like action integrates strength, energy and movement from the upper body and transfers it to the arms and hands.

This Spin Strong whip-like training is very complex movement. It includes much of the upper body, the shoulder joint, the most complex circular joint in the human body, and which has a full range of 360 degree movement. It also includes the elbow joint and the wrist joint, which is also a circular joint with a full range of 360 degree movement.



Four Arm Movements in One


A circular movement of the arm, or wrist, is called circumduction. It equals four sequential movements of flexion (up), abduction (out), extension (down) and Adduction (in).

Spin Strong uses circumduction at the shoulder joint, including these four sequential movements, as well as at the wrist joint, including four similar sequential movements. And in between these two joints, Spin Strong uses the complex elbow with multiple joints for constantly flexing and rotating the arm, as well as turning the forearm with pronation and supination. The sum total of all these arm movements is conservatively ten sequential movements. This is incredibly complicated circular arm movement, especially at such fast speeds.




Strengthens Major Arm and Shoulder Muscles

Spin Strong movements engage and strengthen all the major muscles of the hands, arms and shoulders. They engage multiple muscle groups of the chest and upper back, and stabilize the core. The hands are gripping and spinning the Spin Strong trainers, which likewise engage the forearms. Biceps and triceps are engaged in elbow and shoulder movement.

Spin Strong training builds fast twitch muscles for speed and increases the kind of strength that improves endurance. The many different arm spinning exercises that can be done with Spin Strong provide