1. Hold a pair of Spin Strong trainers in your hands and spin them like a jump rope. Then, just start jumping, including regular and other jumps, as well as adding other leg exercises.

2. To add in different arm exercises, lift your arms out to the sides, out to the front, above the shoulders, etc. See the Nine Key Arm Exercises page for details.

3. Arm spinning should include a combination of small arm circles (shoulder action) and wrist circles (wrist action). For higher intensity, use larger arm circles. Frequently change arm spinning direction between front and back.

4. With any arm spinning exercise, slightly move the position of your spinning wrists, such as a little higher/lower, left/right or out/in to work muscles in different ways and increase intensity.

5. If you are tired or simply want to isolate your arm training, exercise one arm at a time. 

6. A partial list of leg exercises includes squats, lunges, all kinds of jumps, leg lifts and kicks. Include Spin Strong exercise with activities such as walking or jogging in place, using a mini trampoline, step aerobics, different fitness classes and cross training with weight training. Get creative and just keep moving.

7. When Spin Strong is used for just upper body exercise, the lower body is engaged in valuable stability training.