1. Hold a pair of Spin Strong in your hands (or hold in just one hand).

2. Start rotating or spinning the trainers at your side like using a jump rope or spinning them in other positions using the different Spin Strong exercises.

3. Spinning motion should include small arm circles, not just wrist action.

4. Extend arms fully Away from the body.

5. Frequently change direction and exercises (see the Spin Strong Key Exercises page).

6. If you are tired or want to extend your workout, exercise one arm at a time, switching arms without stopping.

7. Optionally, combine with many different leg exercises. A partial list includes squats, lunges, all kinds of jumps, leg lifts and kicks. Likewise, include in activities such as walking or jogging, walking in place, using a mini trampoline, step aerobics step, different fitness classes and weight or resistance training. Get creative and just keep moving.

8. Even when Spin Strong is used for just the upper body, like while standing, the lower body is engaged to a high degree. This stabilizing exercise can be felt all the way down to your feet.