Spin Strong Upper Body Exercises



Spin Strong includes an entire set of rotary air resistance movements, divided into four zones around the body that include out to the sides, out to the front, overhead horizontal and overhead at a 45 degree angle.

Each of the exercises has many different variations. By simply moving your hand spinning location, such as up or down or to one side or the other, muscles are trained differently. Likewise, there are many cases where you can slowly move the hands from one of the exercises to another.

Performing the eight key exercises

1. Jump rope - Use the vertical rotary arm motion of jumping rope.

2. The T - Use vertical rotary motion with arms at shoulder height and parallel to the floor.



3. The Propellers- Use vertical rotary motion with arms extended out to the front.

4. Figure Eight - One arm doing rotary motion on right side, then crossing over to left side, etc.


5. Overhead in Synch - Use horizontal rotary motion with arms synchronized overhead rotating together (i.e., with trainers always pointing in the same direction).

6. One Hand Overhead - Use one arm horizontal rotary motion with arm extended above head.



7. The Swing - Using one arm, do 45 degree angle rotary motion with the arm above and slightly to the front of the head.

8. The Y - Use 45 degree angle rotary motion with arms extended above the shoulders.