Yellow Pair of Air Resisters

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This extra pair of air resisters can be added to your Spin Strong trainers and will significantly increase the level of resistance. The yellow color maintains the yellow and black pattern.

Adding or removing air resisters is simple, and the steps involved are part of the Spin Strong instruction guide and available at spinstrong.com/train. 

The pair of resisters cost $8.99 with free shipping.

Why choose us?

Spin Strong is for everyone

Spin Strong’s mission is to provide strength, cardio and full body training to meet the needs of all users, including people with movement challenges.

Jump rope made simple

With the sasme great exercise, but no mistakes or tripping, Spin Strong is the great new way to jump rope.

Spin Strong, Stay Strong
The highly versatile and effective Spin Strong trainers

Spin Strong provides perfect resistance for jumping rope.  And they become much more intense when arms are used for strength training and full body training.

Three-fitness-models-using-Spin-Strong-for-jumping rope-and-strength-training

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